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Monthly Archive for July, 2007


A speed-reading woman has read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (608 pages) in 47 mins and 1 second. Well done, madam. That’s an impressive achievement. The word ‘impressive’, of course, is purely descriptive rather than evaluative and, pedantically speaking, should not be used as a term of approval or, indeed, pedantically, disapproval. But how […]

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False Economy

The new bionic hand is impressive. The £8,500 prosthetic, unveiled today by British inventors, is extremely versatile: it can point, grip, pick up small objects with precision and perform the ‘key’ operation wherein the thumb is pressed against the index finger in order to turn a key or hold a plate. A caption to the […]

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Toy Boys

The Guardian Media 100 is a list (published July 9) of the most influential media figures in Britain. At the top is Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google ($3.1 bn profit last year). In the photo accompanying his entry Schmidt sits at a table flanked by Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Schmidt is in […]

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Kid Pluck

I’m in a sunny park with 20 minutes to spare. A local primary school is holding its Sports Day a hundred yards (make that metres) away. I sit down on the grass and idly watch the action. Much of it is team stuff with balls and bean bags and, given that my own children are […]

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I Have Been Chosen

I had not realised that riches were to be mine quite so soon after launching this site this afternoon. Clearly the site’s promise has been communicated to some powerful people in retailing. These people will have read the post entitled ‘Bunfight in Doge City’ and shrewdly calculated that beneath my sneering dismissals lies a strong […]

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