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Monthly Archive for January, 2008

Set Pieces

I shall carry the images to my grave. In one of the two shows I’ve written and directed for presentation at Wimbledon College of Art this week (previewed here), the designers proposed a set, described in the playlet text here, the walls of which were built to be leaped through. Large, thin, rectangular sheets of […]

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Strength Weekly likes to think that its most persistent themes are of great national importance but the longer one runs a blog the more evident it becomes that some concerns of less than pressing interest are acquiring thematic mass. Take this business of finding stuff in secondhand books, for instance. The other day, whilst conducting […]

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Absentee Landlord

Seamus, an old friend and currently a part-time sailing teacher, writes, having read the ‘Bob & Cate’ post just beneath this one: Read your post on “I’m not there”. Conclusion’s attractively dispiriting. But personally, I quite like the lodger idea, though I imagine myself still present as awareness after having opted out of myself. I […]

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