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Monthly Archive for November, 2008


In order to model human movement for incorporation into film animation Max Fleischer, in 1915, devised a system called rotoscoping that would allow animators to trace over live-action film. Koko the Clown was the first figure thus generated. The apparatus was refined over the decades and by the late 70s came to be used in […]

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Giant Peach

As a result of curating and presenting David Gale’s Peachy Coochy Nites at ArtsAdmin’s Toynbee Studios Bar throughout the last year I have built up a personal arsenal of presentations.  Since first writing about the Nites here I’ve been compering the evenings – they comprise a selection of six presenters each delivering a show that is […]

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This Healing Life

My chair was about six feet from Anna Freud‘s couch. My first client, a 15 year old girl, came into the room. I suggested that she might either tell me about a recent dream or simply what was on her mind. I said that she should try to talk to me quite openly, letting go, […]

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Trying to Situate Syd

I gave a talk at ‘The City Wakes’ the other day. This is the week of events in tribute to Syd Barrett currently underway in Cambridge. Syd was a founding member of the Pink Floyd who lost his mind, probably due to an excessive intake of LSD, then spent the rest of his life in […]

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