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Last Night

U_cane 0212
“Catch as catch can!” said, ridiculously, Khachaturian the eminent late Russian composer no longer with us, meaning those who could should should they be caught up in a situation in which there was little sufficient to hand. So do what you can with what you can catch. But as he made his valedictory promenade through the twilit orchestra on the last night the strings all rose up and arced their bows into the air which fell like so many arrows describing arches down upon a bride and her groom. Bows which probably cost more than some kid’s starter violin. People routinely getting on the Tube with cases and in them, they tell you at some party, are violins worth like a car. You think jeez I locked my bike in Camden Town and went back 10 mins later and the fucking saddle had gone. They couldn’t get the wheels off but you know you do the best with what you’ve got while the situation is likely to listen. Had to cycle standing up.

The bows zither down but Khachaturian who wrote the ‘Sabre Dance’ if you must know didn’t try to catch them but nor did he duck like Alice in that fountain of cards by Tenniel. It was a very nice ceremony all in all. Taken graciously, even dodging the tubas, which came next.

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